Virtual Chapter

Ted Koenig

Financia Advisor

Dwayne Richards CPA, CMA

Accountant at Dwayne Richards CPA

Donovan Francis

Immigration Lawyer and Principal at Gooselaw Immigration

Colin Dambrauskas

Mortgage Agent at Mortgage Architects (English / Francais)

Aaron Lalande

Life and Health Insurance Advisor

Zach Remen

Real Estate Lawyer

Alexander Verrilli

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Elena Favaro Viana

Corporate/ Commercial Lawyer

Linda Stern

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Fran Murray

Corporate Gifting Expert

Scott Caslick

Bookkeeping and payroll

Katherine Denkers - Family Lawyer

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Michael Coffill

General Manager - Wages Corp

Jorge Polio

Professional Photographer

Nicole Kernohan

Licensed Paralegal

Bola Adetunji

Information Technology and Technical Support Engineer

Rob Richards

Real Estate Sales Representative

Melissa Miller

Personal Injury Lawyer

Lucy Jeffrey

Founder and CEO of The Entrepreneur NationĀ®

Employment Lawyer

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Vacant seat Paralegal

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Vacant Seat - Insurance Broker, Home, Auto and Business

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Social Media Expert

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