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About The Entrepreneur Nation®


We are a group of like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and licensed professionals who believe in the power of collaboration in business. We believe that building solid business relationships can lead to high quality referral. We have many members who have given testimonials of 5 figures and 6 figures figures in referral business.

How our chapter works is, we assign each member one area of business (mainly their primary area). All the other members pay attention to referring clients to them in that specific area as they also refer to them.  If you join, you will be exclusive in your area of practice which will make you successful because there will be no competition for you for referrals.

Our chapter meets once a month virtually from 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. EST. Even the busiest professional has made it to remain in our network because of this minimal time requirement and meeting flexibility. 

Toronto Chapter


Membership contract and refund policy

The member agrees and confirms to abide by our membership contract and policies. Attendance to the chapter meeting once a month is important and emphasized. A member can send a representative when they are not available. The members understands that this is a one year legal contract and we do not issue any refunds.  Please familiarize yourself with our entire contract and policies here. https://tenation.co/policies/

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We have many members who have given testimonials of 5 figures and 6 figures in referral business

Lucy Jeffrey, Regional Director

The Entrepreneur Nation® 2023 Annual Gala