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‘The Summit’?

The CEOs Club

The High Profile and Exclusive Group of CEOs of Corporations represents an elite gathering of visionary leaders who convene on a monthly basis to foster leadership development and mentorship. Composed of distinguished individuals at the pinnacle of their respective industries, this assembly brings together CEOs from diverse sectors, creating a platform for invaluable knowledge exchange and collaborative growth. The carefully curated membership offers a rare opportunity for CEOs to connect, inspire, and learn from one another.

During these monthly gatherings, the CEOs engage in dynamic discussions, sharing their experiences, insights, and strategies for navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. The meetings provide a confidential and supportive environment where leaders can explore challenges, seek guidance, and gain fresh perspectives. From exploring cutting-edge technologies to discussing emerging market trends, the group collectively delves into relevant topics to stimulate innovation and drive success in their organizations. The mentorship aspect of the group empowers CEOs to develop their leadership skills, guiding them in making impactful decisions and cultivating effective teams. The High Profile and Exclusive Group of CEOs of Corporations stands as a premier platform that propels executives to new heights of excellence and propels their organizations towards sustainable success.

CEOs Club


Membership contract and refund policy

The member agrees and confirms to abide by our membership contract and policies. Attendance to the chapter meeting once a month is important and emphasized. A member can send a representative when they are not available. The member understands that this is a one year legal contract and we do not issue any refunds.  Please familiarize yourself with our entire contract and policies here. https://tenation.co/policies/

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We have many members who have given testimonials of 5 figures and 6 figures in referral business

Lucy Jeffrey, Founder, President and CEO

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